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Executive coach & Mindfulness trainer

A moment of silence and the right question bring inspiration and open new horizons.

Executive Coaching

I work with leaders, directors, board members, talents and together we are looking for solutions to their most difficult questions and challenges. 

I'm interested in what worries you, what motivates you, and what you need to achieve your goals. I offer you a confidential space where you can talk openly about all these aspects of your professional and personal life. I work not only with your head, but also with your feelings, and when necessary, we also involve the body, for example coaching while walking.

I can listen empathetically or offer you challenges, depending on what the situation calls for. I support you in exploring different perspectives and approaches to solving your problems. I also offer you a quiet space for your own reflection.

Coaching can be individual, focusing on your personal needs and goals, or in collaboration with your team to support their growth and performance.


I work with individuals and companies and teach them how to introduce mindfulness into the corporate environment. My teaching is based on MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), which is a scientifically proven program aimed at reducing stress and improving mental health.

By practicing mindfulness, you can strengthen your resilience. But it's not just about reducing stress. At the same time, you develop your ability to concentrate and perform at a consistently high level, or you can direct your energy into developing creativity. Last but not least, it's not just about you. By developing mindfulness, you can also improve your working relationships.

I'm no guru. I am rather a guide who will support you in finding your individual path of practicing mindfulness in your daily life. My approach is purely secular and I work with scientifically proven methods.

We can meet at the introductory one-hour "tasting", where you will not only learn the theory of Mindfulness, but also try it out practically. You can then decide whether to choose a 4 or 8 week course. I also offer short (several-hours) or all-day retreats that you can use to further develop your practice after completing one of the courses.

Speaking and lecturing

I regularly speak at conferences and for professional organizations. You can also meet me as an external guest and speaker at inhouse company events, either as part of management conferences or team building.

My topics are about Leadership, Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Human Resource Management, Communication. I connect theory and practice and use my many years of business experience.

In addition, I lecture at the Department of Andragogy and Personnel Management (Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague) on International Human Resource Management and Strategic Human Resource Management. I also lecture externally at the University of Economics, Prague.

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Filip Jelínek
Head of Comodity Procurement and Prediction
I can highly recommend coaching abilities of Ivo. His professional approach was unique compared to other coaches I have experienced. Ivo has an ability to understand very quickly substance of any shared situation and uses a wide variety of techniques to help you find your own correct answer.
Irena Larva Nekolová
HR Manager Europe
The cooperation with Ivo was always very beneficial, his kind and generous approach was an added value to his professional performance, whenever we cooperate as HR professionals or on coaching and training projects. His mindfulness training I attend for last 8 weeks is one of the course you need now days - simple structure, clear advise, together with the practical training, how to keep calm but attentive under any circumstances. I would recommend this training, as well as Ivoś service, to anyone who wants to experience professionalism with the human face. Thank you, Ivo!
Martin Slíva
Manager Energy and Utilities
I completed internal coaching with Ivo. I highly value his approach, in which he created an environment that supported my ideas for solving complex situations and, at the same time, allowed me to establish value-oriented principles. Last but not least, his mindfulness journey is very inspiring and practical tips help to manage stress better.
Lucia Milanová
Strategic Partnership Director
During the recent lockdown caused by the pandemic situation I have decided to develop some useful skill and attended 8-week MBSR course under Ivo's leadership. Although having no previous experience with mindfulness or meditation, I have gradually developed a strong ability to consciously control my work-related stress reactions. This ability have not only improved quality of my life, but also resilience, work performance and I would say also overall health. Thank you Ivo and hope to meet you soon again!
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About me

I am Ivo, an executive coach and mindfulness trainer with over 25 years of experience across multinational corporations in various industries, including telecommunications, transport, logistics, and consulting. In addition to my corporate background, I have also enriched my expertise by working within family-owned businesses. My primary focus has been on HR Management and Communication, and I have had the honor of serving as a member of the board of directors for large multinational companies in the CEE region.

My genuine interest lies in the people within organizations and their leadership. I am dedicated to supporting leaders in achieving exceptional results and fostering the development of their people and teams. My mission revolves around not just leadership excellence but also personal and professional growth within teams.

Mindfulness is my passion. I am committed to enhancing mental health and raising awareness about the importance of mindfulness in the workplace. My goal is to create environments where mindfulness is not just a practice but a foundational element that supports a healthier, more aware, and more productive work culture.

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Ivo Novotný

M: +420 724 803 328
I work in Czech and English. I am available for meetings in person within the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Online anywhere in the world.